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Today 1 ads will help you sell your old TV-set

Decided to buy a new iPod and don’t know where to sell used audio equipment, which you want to get rid of? Or have you found an old TV-set in the garage or basement? Now you’re wondering where to sell old stuff in the big city not spending a lot of time? Take advantage of web opportunities and tell a wide audience about your wish to sell audio equipment by posting an appropriate ad. is a Russian bulletin board in Chicago where each user can post his or her offers for free. The "audio, photo, video" section is specially created for customers who don’t know how, or where to sell audio equipment and accessories. Our website will help you to buy, sell, or find whatever you need.

With it is simple and fast

You only have to spend a few minutes to place an appropriate ad on Here you can sell ​​an old TV-set and other equipment without leaving your home. Also you will find out where to sell your audio equipment with no fuss. We created all conditions for comfortable and simple ad posting. has a number of benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • ease of use due to a simple interface;
  • possibility to submit ads for free;
  • large coverage of goods and services, affordable for a wide audience;
  • ability to apply for paid VIP ads. is a huge online platform and an excellent way to answer the “where to sell your used audio equipment” question simply and quickly. You’ve come to the right spot.

With it is convenient to post ads

All categories on are sorted to make you feel comfortable. In this section you can find or submit ads in various categories like:

  • Television;
  • Audio equipment;
  • Phototechnique;
  • Video equipment;
  • Other.


In this topic you can also find a specialist to repair your old TV-set and other equipment. We offer you to post ads in such categories of services as:

  • repair and installation;
  • photo and video shooting;
  • photo and video editing.


If you are involved in the repair business or provide services tied with photo and video, you can find new customers with our help. And that means you will increase your business income. We are sure that by visiting our resource you will no longer wonder where to sell your audio equipment or how to find a professional photographer in Chicago.


Still have questions? Call or email us. With our help you will find answers to all your questions.

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