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Standard banners - a static or dynamic image (graphic block) of a certain size, format and technology of creation. The banner can be animated.

The banner is located on a strictly defined place on the site, the position of which does not change.

Vertical banner

This is a small animated video or static picture, which is displayed in the right block on the main

It can be either an ordinary picture, or simple gif-animation.

Horizontal banner

This is a wide (1900 × 90) animated video or static picture that appears at the top of all pages of

It can be either an ordinary picture, or simple gif-animation.

Banner Branding

Branding is a big animated banner, which is displayed on the sides of various pages of To cover the target audience in different sections of the site are shown different brandings.

The branding design should be a continuation of the website and in no case should it be rude or overly screaming.

The submission of information should be clean, easy and minimalistic. Short phrases, quality images, restrained animation and contact information are the properties of ideal branding.

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