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Today 2 ads - A huge selection of ads for construction and repair

Whatever holds your interes - constructing something or repairing, you can easily submit free ads on our website. will help you buy or sell building materials quickly and profitably. In the "Construction and repair" topic we have created a number of categories in order to simplify the process of placing ads and selling building materials online. – simple and comfortable

You have a great chance to learn how to sell used building materials with no fuss. Also you have an opportunity to post your ads in several categories:

  • Building materials;
  • Tools and equipment;
  • Plumbing;
  • Windows and doors;
  • Heating and ventilation. is your assistant in repairing and constructing

Thanks to the website convenience and a simple interface, you can post your offers to buy or sell building materials online without any problems. Having considered all available proposals and setting clear goals, you can easily achieve good results. Thanks to you will no longer wonder how to sell building materials in no time and with profit. Our website covers a wide audience, goods and services. Therefore, you don’t have to ask yourself where to sell building materials, because the probability of ordering through the internet is quite high.

In addition to the opportunity of buying or selling building materials, you can easily find or leave ads for such services as:

  • construction works;
  • repairing;
  • plumbing work;
  • electrical works. will help you find private craftsmen or professional brigades for performing construction work of any complexity. You have the opportunity to review all the offers on our website and choose the option that suits you most. Also you can sell your used building materials by posting an ad. is a good assistant in construction business is a Russian bulletin board in Chicago where you can post your offers for services in the construction and repair topic. Your ads will be seen by a large number of users, which means that your services will definitely be in demand. You won’t have to wonder how to sell your building materials, because you will have plenty of offers from clients. We provide an opportunity to buy and sell different construction materials. Also you can easily find your potential business partners here. Thanks to all the conditions created, you can leave any kind of announcement without difficulties, and find whatever you need. Don’t know where to sell your building materials? You’ve come to the right spot.


If you have any questions, you can e-mail or call us any time. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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