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Why are my ads blocked? I did not break anything.

In the event that you believe that your ad was blocked incorrectly, contact our technical support service by writing to

You can also re-read the rules for submitting ads to Perhaps, after this, the need to contact our support service will drop.

What if I want to edit a blocked ad?

Write an appeal to our technical support and we will help you to unlock and edit your ad in such a way that it complies with the rules for submitting ads to

Why did I post an advertisement, pay money, and block the ad anyway?

Payment of the ad does not give anyone the right to violate the rules of the site.

In any case, your ad should match the heading, the title should not contain duplicate punctuation, phone numbers and so on.

If you want to edit your ad, see step 2.

Why do not I get paid back to my account after they blocked my ad?

Before you submit an advertisement and pay for it, you tick that you have read and agree with the site rules.

That is, you knowingly violate and understand the risk that is associated with such unfair behavior.

My money disappears from the account and I do not understand where.

Every dollar spent (as well as a deposit) is registered in your account in the Account Management section.

There, you can accurately track when and on what your money was spent.

If you think that the money goes away without your knowledge, be sure that you have not activated any paid function of

I replenished the account, filed a paid ad, and the money was not withdrawn and the ad was blocked. Why?

In order to pay for your ad, immediately after you have placed it, you need to re-publish it. Thus, you pay it and from your account will write off $ 1.

Next time, to make your ad appear on the first pages of your subsection, you will only need to click on the blue arrow "Re-publish" and it will be republished automatically.

Thus, you can simultaneously update and pay for your ad.

I agree that I violated, but I see violations of others and their ads are not blocked.

The site has a post-moderation system, that is, the ad first hits the site and only then passes the moderator's test. Therefore, if your ad is blocked by one of the violation points, other ads with the same violations will also be blocked. If it all turned out that the moderator missed the violation, you can report it to us by sending an email to, we will certainly consider your complaint and take action.

Why does my ad appear not at the top of the ad list, but below other ads?

The ads that you see at the very top of each page of the list of ads are VIP-ads, which are always located at the very beginning, in all subsections of a single section. If you want your ad also to be on this list, contact the sales department by writing to the email

My ads were written according to all the rules, but for some reason they were blocked anyway. Why?

Some companies notify us by an official letter that they prohibit the sale of their products on any commercial site, except for points of authorized sales.

Below we will publish a list of these prohibited products:

If you did not find the answers on the site that you were looking for, we will be happy to answer your questions, write to

How do I deactivate or delete my account at

The account cannot be deactivated or deleted. But each user has the ability at any time to delete all personal data, including ads, messages and browsing history. Please note that after you delete any information from your account, it is not subject to recovery.

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