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Today 2 ads is a great option to sell an old mobile phone

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t use free advertising offers on various bulletin boards. In the modern city we face a necessity to buy, find or sell something daily. But today selling mobile phones, buying them, etc. has become much more convenient and easy thanks to the Internet. Decided to buy a new gadget and thought about what to do with the existing one? You have to sell mobile phone, of course. Or you just need some extra money for other purposes? Posting an ad on the Internet is a convenient option that gives you the possibility to sell mobile phone online, and save your time.

Our web site help you to sell an old mobile phone quickly and simple

It won’t be hard to find a store where you can buy phones in a big city. But it will take time, and no fact that this search will be successful. If you decide to sell your old mobile phone, better use the Internet and post a free ad on – the Russian bulletin board in Chicago which is visited by thousands of people daily. is a great option for you to sell an old phone, because it is a huge resource of free ads. If you’re asking where to sell my mobile phone, you’ve come to the right place. gives the opportunity to find a buyer / seller / master is a large online platform for free ads where you can sell an old mobile phone. Anyone can leave his or her offer on our resourse. In the "telephones and communication" topic each customer can post an ad on purchase or sale of:

  • mobile phones;
  • accessories;
  • fixed telephones.

Now, selling my mobile phone has become a lot easier.


We have also created all conditions for the possibility of placing ads for companies, services and individuals who:

  • provide telephone repair services:
  • are involved in buying old phones;
  • are representatives of the processing industry. - a free bulletin board for everyone who wants to sell a mobile phone.


What is so good about

These advantages will allow you to sell your mobile phone online without any problems and limitations:

  • simple interface and convenient use of the website;
  • the ability to submit ads unlimitedly;
  • a wide coverage of the audience, goods and services;
  • ability to post a VIP ad.

Submit your ads and use all the benefits of With our help you can sell your mobile phone online in a few hours.


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call us. Your questions will not be left without our an answer.

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